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GIFs have become a pretty standard way to promote games. Lots of game pages on Itch use them as their main image, for example.



All free, unless specified.


  • Peek - Github
    Record your screen straight to a GIF (or video)
  • Glimpse and Gnu IMP
    Can create GIFs from several images. In brief: put each frame of the animation on its own layer, and export as a GIF.


  • FFmpeg - Homepage
    General tool for working with audio and video. Can extract frames from a video as images, piece together images into a video or GIF, and convert video to GIF.
  • Gifsicle - Homepage
    GIF-dedicated tool for creating, editing, and even comparing GIFs.
  • ImageMagick - Homepage
    General tool for manipulating images. Handy for creating animations out of sprite sheets. It can do everything.
  • Yeetgif - Github
    Add animated effects. Has channer vibes though.