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GNU Image Manipulation
Program (AKA: GIMP)
gimp logo.png
Release date: 1996–
Made by: Open-source
Runs on: BSD
Mac OS
Imports: ...
Exports: ...

Despite the awful acronym, The Gnu Image Manipulation Program is a decent image editing program—a free alternative to something like Adobe's PhotoShop (which is awful SAAS now). Another (Windows-only) alternative that's popular is Paint.NET. And the drawing tool Krita has a lot of feature overlap.

Recently a project/fork of GNU IMP based round fixing the name and improving the program generally. Currently it's called Glimpse, but that may change. You can find out more at At the moment you have to compile it yourself, but that'll change soon! (If you use Arch Linux there's already a package in the AUR)

FYI to break it down fully GIMP stands for GNU's not Uniplexed Information and Computing Service Image Manipulation Program D:



Gnu IMP can already create animated GIFs (each layer becomes a frame), but there are some tools to make the process easier.

GIMP Animation Package[edit]