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Information about editing this wiki.

If I could emphasise one point, it would be that a wiki is a team effort, so any contribution is really appreciated. You don't have to make everything look pretty, just get the information down.

If you have any more questions make a post on the Talk page.

General Tips

  • Editing a wiki can always seem a bit daunting at first, but don't worry, you can't break anything :)
  • Some good things to do to get used to things is to fix any errors like broken links or typos you see. It's also really helpful!
  • Getting info. down is the main thing. You, or someone else, can make it look fancy later.
  • You can create pages under your username by added a forward slash '/' and whatever you want to call the page. For example User:Rjt/draft. This is useful for drafts and experiments or whatever; maybe you want to put an essay there or something!
  • There are special pages like Special:WantedPages and Special:WantedCategories that may give you ideas on things that are needed.

Basic Syntax




Styling Text

Advanced Syntax


For blocks of code you can use the <pre> tag. For inline code snippets, or keyboard/inputs you can use <code>. A bit wrong-sounding, I know!


Categories should be on the bottom of a page.

I tend to order them (Software kind, 2-D/3-D, genre, x, operating system. 'X' being space for whatever else), but it doesn't matter. And sometimes I use linebreaks after groupings of categories to make it a bit easier to read, this doesn't effect how it appears on the page.


[[Category:Game Builder]]
[[Category:Browser Export]]

You can see all the currently existing categories at: Special:Categories



You can embed videos using the installed EmbedVideo extension.

The simplest way to use it is: {{#ev:youtube|videourl}}. You can also leave out most of the URL and just add the ID string fro mthe end.


There's a button to insert images in the toolbar, but you can manually type the coed out as

[[File:image.png|alt=alt text]]

Please always add a short description as alt text to describe the image for people using assistive technology, or on low-speed connections. For a log this can be as simple as 'Unity logo'.

When uploading, to keep things organised please start an image's filename with something like the name of the section it's used in, then an underscore, then a description of the file.



You can get a list of all the uploaded files at Special:ListFiles


I've just inserted my first gallery! I think they look a bit better without the lines, but otherwise use them as you see fit.

I used this simple code:

<gallery mode="packed">

Does seem to centre it though. Would look nicer left-aligned.

Captions can have links and w/e

See Also
  • Images section on the Mediawiki help.



Subpages are like extra pages related to a specific page. Practically they're not much different to a regular page, they're more of an organisational tool.

They can be useful for:

  • Breaking down long pages into smaller ones, for example in the Guides section.
  • Making extra pages attached to your own User page: for testing things out, or making personal lists, or whatever.
  • They're used on the Name Generators page for recording interesting results.

To indicate that something is a subpage you use a forward slash (/) in its link. For example a subpage of this one could be linked to with


And it would be accessible at


See Also



Each page should have an infobox. These are the sections you see on the right of each page that contain some key information like author, logo, and platforms the software runs on. There are different kinds of infobox for different kinds of pages.

If you don't have the info. to fill out the whole thing it's fine to leave fields empty, but if you can at least insert the code it'll make it easier for someone else to add later.

PS: I'm working on making them easier to insert — rjt (talk)


I'd like information on this wiki to be useful to anyone, no matter what their familiarity is with game making. If you use any jargon, please create an entry for it in the glossary, and link the word to it using the jargon template.


  • The colours used in the logo are: #ed1c24, #ffaec9 and #fff200

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