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Notable updates:
Downpour 23/4/24
  • New page for recently released tool.
Shooting Game Builder 24/8/23
  • Working on page for recently released tool.
Category:Visual Scripting 22/5/23
Hover Your Own Pixel 24/1/23
  • Created.
Map Generators 5/11/22
  • New page for procedural map generators.
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Welcome to the Game Making Tools Wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to collect together information and resources on as many game making tools as possible, and make all that accessible and relevant to amateur game making people and people who would like to make games (et cetera).

I hope you find it useful! ~~

If you have any issues with, or ideas for the wiki, please make a note on the Talk page, make a post on the forum, or contact me directly.

For Game Makers / People Who Would Like to Make Games

For Wiki Contributors / How To Help

  • Fix any errors or make any other edits to pages! Fixing typos, and broken links is pretty good way to get used to editing wiki pages that's also really helpful.
  • Make a page on something, even if it's just a few links!
  • You can't break anything, do whatever you think is best!
  • Check out this wiki's Contributor Guide, and maybe the MediaWiki User's Guide.
  • If a page you're on raises questions, or you have any feedback, feel free to post them on the 'Discussion' page. You're also welcome to contact Rylie directly.
  • Nothing here's really set in stone yet, so throw whatever ideas you want at me: terminology, wiki name, URL, design, organisational stuff, other extensions, etc. etc.

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