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Alt=Downpour logo. Line drawing of an umbrella with a large raindrop falling from each side, and 'Downpour' written in italics underneath.
Release date: 2024
Made by: V Buckenham
Runs on: Android
Exports to: Android

Downpour is a phone-based tool for making Hypermedia things with images and text. It's very easy to use, you place text and images, and can link images or areas to other pages.

Games can be played in the iOS and Android apps, web browsers, and exported as HTML and JavaScript to host yourself.

It's free to use, but you can pay USD$5 a month to increase your monthly upload limit and be able to link to outside webites.

Useful Tools

  • Color Picker - Browser tool that tells you what colours are in an image. I found this useful for matching background colours when i was trying to draw on images.

Example Games

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