Crocotile 3D

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Crocotile 3D
Release date: Current
Made by: Alex Hanson-White
Runs on: Linux
Mac OS
Exports: .OBJ, .MTL

Crocotile 3D is an unusual 3-D modelling program, in that you construct models from already-drawn tiles (much like you would construct maps in something 2-D like RPG Maker).

Crocotile needs to be downloaded via, and requires a $10 registration to enable saving.


As far as I know there are no proper packaged up versions available, and Alex only runs the operating system in a virtual machine, just to get the Linux version built. If you download it via the desktop program it will stay up to date, though; think of Itch as another package manager, I guess!


It's a 32-bit program and, as it's not packaged up, you may have trouble because it can't grab all the libraries it needs. For me it was libnotify4, but I saw people missing libnss3, libgconf-2-4, libxtst6, and libgtk2.0-0 too. This forum post may help you out: Error While Loading Shared Libraries (and maybe this later one: Can't get Linux version to run).

I found I had 32-bit in my Steam install, so symlinked it to /usr/lib32/ and everything seems to be running fine so far :) A dece general link for this kind of error is this Stack Overflow thread: Linux error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.