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Titled RPGツクール (RPG Tsukūru) in Japan, the RPG Maker series are very easy to use RPG making programs mostly for Windows, and sometimes for consoles and Japanese PCs. The Windows versions became (beginning with RPG Maker 95) popular outside Japan due to fan translations, eventually leading to them being released in the west commercially, beginning with RPG Maker XP in 2004-05.

People wanting to play games made with the Windows versions will usually have to download something called an RTP relevant to the version of the program the game was made with. The RTPs are the collection of assets provided with the program, and come included with the softwares' downloads. They can also be downloaded as free, standalone, archives.

The software is generally very easy to use. 'Programming' is done selecting commands from a menu (though XP, and VX, users can also use Ruby. Resource editing is possible in some of the console versions, but on Windows graphics, music, and sound effects, must be made in other software. Though, as mentioned, there are plenty of resources supplied with the software.

English releases

For a complete list see RPG Maker series timeline on Wikipedia.

There's a bit of a pattern where each major release gets another standalone update release later (2000→2003, VX→VXAce, MV→MZ).

RPG Maker 2

The second SNES version has an English fan translation. There's not much reason to play it instead of the other releases, but it's interesting. The games have a darker tone, and play a lot like the earlier Dragon Quest games; there's even menu based searching and stair using. The game comes on a Super Game Boy-esque cart, which takes Satellaview memory packs, allowing extra resource data to be downloaded. It's also compatible with the Turbo File Twin, which allows game files to be kept off-cart.

RPG Maker 95

Often called simply RM95, this is the first Windows version, and, unlike the next two on the platform, runs in 640×480 resolution. Otherwise it is quite similar to use.

RPG Maker

RPGツクール3 in Japan. The first version for the PlayStation. It's still 2-D, and not that much different than the second SNES game, though it added the ability to make your own graphics, and included more resources. It also includes Anime Maker, for drawing your own graphics, and this is compatible with a the PlayStation Mouse.

The sequel, RPGツクール4, also a PlayStation game, was never released outside Japan, and is untranslated. Apparently it's the best of the 2D console games, and features Final Fantasy-style combat.

RPG Maker 2000

RPGツクール2000 in Japan, and usually RM2k elsewhere. This is where the series really got popular, because of Don Miguel's translation. The community at the time also revolved round his website. The program runs in 320×240, which makes graphic creation mostly easier. It also means a lot of people rip graphics from 16-bit era games. Battles are still Dragon Quest-style, but people have found ways to get round that (and other limitations) with clever use of events.

RPG Maker 2

RPGツクール5 in Japan. Not to be confused with the translation of the second SNES game. This was made for the PlayStation 2, and while the graphics are crude, the program difficult to use, it is really flexible. It works unlike anything else in the line.

RPG Maker 2003

RPGツクール2003 in Japan, and often goes by RM2k3. A tweaked version of RPG Maker 2000, really. Unfortunately it seems a bit rushed, as some features that are added aren't as flexibly/universally controllable as in 2k. There's a side-view battle system, though its kinda broken, so some people still prefer RM2k.

RPG Maker XP

Runs in a higher resolution than the 200x programs, and was officially released in English.

RPG Maker 3

Just RPGツクール in Japan, suggesting a relaunch or sorts. Much more focused the the previous PS2 version. Easy to use, though aimed at making only 'medieval' games, with no ability to make resources yourself, though terrain can be modelled, somewhat.

RPG Maker VX


RPG Maker VX Ace


RPG Maker MV

Released 2015. Changes the scripting language again. Introduced support for playing games in web browsers and with mouse and touch inputs.

RPG Maker Fes

RPG Maker on the 3DS, released in 2017. There's a free program in the eShop people can get which facilitates downloading and playing games, which is really neat.

RPG Maker MZ

Released in 2020. Brings back the autolayers some people like from XP (different to how 200x and MV work). Can import MV projects. Mostly feels like an update that includes features from popular plug-ins, but the changes are pretty neat!


Similar Software

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