Bitsy 3D

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Bitsy 3D
Release date: 2020–
Made by: elkie nova
Runs on: Browser
Exports to: Browser

A version of Bitsy that lets you make 3-D maps! You can make them quite tall (but the player can still only walk on one level), and have a few different ways to wrap Bitsy graphics around objects. Otherwise the editor is very similar. The camera can behave is a bunch of different ways: I've seen games that are similar to 2-D Bitsys with a controllable camera, ones with a fixed camera, first-person games, and first-person games with step-by-step movement.

Example Games

  • Sleepi Boi Can't Sleep - Really pretty, and good use of cloned maps to add a sense of height.
  • Dungeon Walk 3d - First-person, step-by-step movement. Seems a good fit for Bitsy.
  • i am still here - Really nice looking, and clever use of the camera and different object types.

See Also

See Also