Sword of Moonlight

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Sword of Moonlight:
King's Field Making Tool
Release date: 2000
Made by: From Software
Runs on: Windows
Exports to: Windows

Sword of Moonlight is an underappreciated tool for older Windows versions for making King's Field style games.

Only a handful of projects have been completed in English, but it's a pretty friendly tool as long as you're willing to go to the trouble of emulating Windows XP.

There's a fan-made update called Sword of Moonlight Ex, but I've never tried it. — rjt (talk)


Currently the best resource is the Tutorial page on swordofmoonlight.com.

There used to be a useful wiki at swordofmoonlight.com/somwiki/, but over time it's closed and restarted. Wayback Machine version seems incomplete, but might work if you try different dates for different sections. The current iteration is at www.swordofmoonlight.com/wiki/, but it seems to be missing a lot of content.

Will piece together information at Guide:Sword of Moonlight.


  • Tools board on the Sword of Moonlight Developer Forum.
  • SOM Addons board on the Sword of Moonlight Developer Forum.

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