Scenario RPGMaker

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Scenario RPGMaker
scenario title.jpg
Release date: Current
Made by: David A Wicker
Runs on: Windows
Exports to: Windows

An RPG maker with some interesting quirks. Apart from the 90s-website beveled animu images, the program outputs decidedly Master System feeling games. The tiles that maps are constructed from are huge, built-in graphics are bright, sprites are always in motion, and the battle system doesn't feel like its aping anyone else's. The whole thing's actually pretty charming!

The current release, Scenario RPGMaker 2x, is no longer being developed by the program's creator, David A Wicker, but has been released open-source as Scene16. It doesn't seem to have been updated in a few years.

An October 2014 note on the Scenario RPGMaker page on Game Creation Tools from Wicker says that he is still working on version 3.

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