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Release date:
Made by: Florian Rival
and contributors.
Runs on: Browser
Mac OS
Exports to: Android
Mac OS

GDevelop (formerly Game Develop) is an open-source game builder for a whole bunch of platforms (even browser with registration).

Programming seems simple, uses an event editor like Construct and Clickteam stuff, but otherwise the interface is pretty different, and kinda all over the place. The drawing tool Piskel is built-in for making graphics.

My favourite thing is that when you start a new project it generates a random name.

There's a nascent 3-D feature, similar to what you find in 3-D plugins for RPG Maker MV etc., where editing is stage creation is done on the regular 2-D position, but you can set graphics to get wrapped round cubes, set them as billboards, and change how the camera works. Alternatively there're a few plugins that do things a similar way, eg: WithThreeJs, BabylonGD

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