Dunc's AlgoMusic

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Dunc's AlgoMusic is a modest Windows homage to the Commodore Amiga program AlgoMusic. Music is generated from strings of text, either entered by the user, or pulled from a database within the software. Letter order is irrelevant, but case is. Instruments are defined by .WAV files, and can, presumably, be swapped-out. The software does not currently record the audio (it appears that no end point is created; music continues indefinitely) but the task could easily be done with a number of audio programs. The free Audacity, for example.

It is available at the official page on itch.io: Dunc's Algomusic. You can download the "old" (Mk V) and "older" (Mk III) versions and the sourcecode for Mk V. Duncan is currently working on a new version.


DuncanGEN is a modified version of Dunc's, which instead uses a sound library sampled from the Sega Mega Drive (YM2612)!

Download: DuncanGEN2.7z

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