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Hazey Memories

For programs I/people remember, but can't find.

Kinda similar to World Builder, but on Windows 3.1

I'd gotten it from a magazine I also can't remember the name of. Barely a magazine, really ; I folded piece of cardboard ~A3, with a demo CD. Each issue would have a genre-based theme, and would be stuffed with mostly applicable shareware. I had an RPG one, and an adventure game one.

By 'similar to World Builder, I mean in the sense that it was an adventure game making tool with multiple windows (but it was colour), and replaced World Builder's Macyness with a Windowsynes ; (explain)

I remember some of the items, like a yellow key, and also remember there was at least one example game included

Things to investigate more

  • Machination (company) - Made PAGE (Platform Adventure Game Engine), and maybe others
  • - so many dead links, particularly
    • Adventure Game Builder Utility
    • Adventure Gamer 'easy-to-use, full-featured toolkit that lets you create board mazes with items to find and use, characters to interact with [Windows 3.1+]'
    • AdventureR Lab
    • Hyperplay
    • SUDS

<3 rjt (talk)

Temporary list of softwares still to be added

Point'n'Click: QuestMaker, World Builder

RPG and Adventure:Adventure Construction Set, The Bard's Tale Construction Set, Coldstone, Explorations, Hephaestus, Gamescape, IsoWorld, Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine, RPG Toolkit, Sphere, Verge, Zelda Classic

RPG+A First-person: Dungeon Craft

RPG+A 3-D: 3D RPG Editor, RPG Builder 3D

RPG+A MMORPG: Eclipse Origins, Elysium Engine, Divinity, NetGORE

Shooter: Shoot'Em-Up Construction Kit, Shooter Maker, Shoot 'Em Up Kit

Text Adventure / IF:Quest

IF Visual Novel: ??? Terrano Builder, must be heaps

Console stuff: Adventure Construction Set, Dreamstudio, MarioWare DIY