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Notable updates:
Communities 20/1/18
  • Created main page. Just three things so far.
LÖVE 5/1/18
  • Created! (THANKS!)
GraphicsGale 23/6/17
  • Created.
Flatpack 21/5/17
  • Created.
OpenSCAD 23/2/17
  • Created main page, want to do a guide later.
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Welcome to the Game Making Tools Wiki! The purpose of this wiki is to collect together information and resourses on as many game making tools as possible, and make all that accessible to amateur game making people and people who would like to make games (et cetera).

There are some good collections of software elsewhere on Internet, but unfortunately they're pretty dry (mostly reading like press releases), and aren't linked to any information that's helpful to people interested in making stuff.

I hope you find it useful! ~~

For Game Makers / People Who Would Like to Make Games

  • You may find Zoe Quinn's Sortinghat tool useful. By answering a few questions it will recommend you some programs you might like to try.
  • This wiki's Guide section.
  • Trying your luck with a random page.

For Wiki Contributers / How To Help

  • Consult the Media Wiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.
  • Take a look at, and give feedback on, the Style Guide.
  • Feel free to contact Rylie if you have any feature requests of questions.
  • Make a page on something, even if it's just a few links!
  • Note that you can embed videos with the instructions here
  • Nothing here's really set in stone yet, so throw whatever ideas you want at me: terminology, wiki name, URL, design, organisational stuff, other extensions, etc. etc.

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