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General Tips

If you see something you like in another game you can download it and import that HTML file into the Bipsi editor to learn how it was done. The trick is that you need to download only the game part; if it's on Itch this will be in a frame. If you use Firefox you can:

  1. Right-click on the game and select
  2. Go to the 'This Frame' option
  3. Select 'Save Frame As...'

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • The arrow keys will move your selection, indicated by a thick, white outline.
  • Q, W, E, R, T selects tabs in order.
  • Draw Room tab: Holding Alt will use eyedropper/pick tile.


Quick Reference

For better explanations see the user guide, but I've found it helpful to keep this quick reference list.

Field Type Description
exit location Move player to another place.
graphic tile Sets event's graphic.
is-player tag Tells game where to start the player. Not sure if it's useful later.
one-time tag Run event only once.
say dialogue Shows text in a dialogue box.
set-avatar tile Changes player's graphic.
solid tag Makes event impassable.
touch javascript Add your own custom code. See §JavaScript for some examples.
transparent tag Makes background colour of tile transparent.
page-color text Changes page's background colour. Use CSS colour names only.


Some examples of JavaScript you can insert. See the scripting guide for more information.

Please add more!

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