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3-D Models

  • 123dapp - Models from 3-D scanners and simple modelling tools.
  • "Kawaii" Tank (Tiger-I) - Tank model with flexible tracks on the Unity asset store. Not actually v kawaii ;)


General Images



RPG Maker Related



High-Level Shading Language, used in Unity.


OpenGL Shading Language, used in Godot (kinda). Godot 2 had a visual shader editor, and I believe this is in development for Godot 3.1 :)


Tools for converting shaders between languages

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Sound Effects


Textures / Tiles

  • 1078 Weird Textures (there's a ZIP of all the textures in the subfolder there too)
  • lsdtexs Rip of textures from LSD Dream Emulator. Can't remember where I found them :(
  • Decorative Papers, found by the community from the Mechanical Curator Collection
  • Genetica Texture Packs They're in an odd format (.GTX), but can be converted with a program on the site (I should convert and upload these). You can also just download versions of them, one-by-one as .JPG files.
  • You can limit your search to textures that tile seemlessly, but not everything seems to be filed correctly. Has a nice preview feature too. You'll have to either use 'view page info' or an adblocker to bypass their little download protection ;)

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