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Release date: 1987–1998
Made by: Bill Atkinson
Runs on: Mac OS
Exports to: Mac OS


Web Browser

Try HyperCard in your web browser. You won't be able to save your work. James Friend's version runs faster for me.




When you start Basilisk you will see a mostly blank window with some settings tabs on top:

  • Volumes
    • Add the install CD: Click 'Add…', and select the MacOS 7.6 ISO you downloaded.
    • Add the hard disk: Click 'Create…', and find a place to put it, and give it a name. 200MB is plenty of space.
    • If you're on Mac or Linux set the 'Unix Root' path some somewhere useful, EG /home/[username]/.local/share/Basilisk II. You will be able to access this from within the emulator, so you can transfer files easily.
    • The order the drives matters, so make sure the ISO is first.
  • SCSI
    • Defaults are fine
  • Graphics/Sound
    • Video Type: Up to you. If set to window set the refresh rate to something nicer that 10Hz
    • 640x480 is typical to the era.
  • Keyboard/Mouse
    • Defaults are fine
  • Serial/Network
    • If you want to use the Internet set 'Ethernet Interface' to 'slirp'.
  • Memory/Misc
    • 64MB of RAM in plenty
    • 'CPU Type' should be '68030 with FPU'
    • Add ROM File
  • JIT Compiler
    • Defaults are fine

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