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Unity (fmr. Unity 3D?)
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Release date: Current
Made by: Unity Technologies
Runs on: Linux
Mac OS
Exports to: Browser
Mac OS

Unity is a popular, free game making tool. There's lots of support availible online, and you can do quite a bit without even having to bother with JavaScript or C# :) It's real easy to just plonk some primitives or free models in and be able to walk round and have things effected by physics :)


There is actually a GNU/Linux version of Unity available, but it can be a little hidden! They only officially support Ubuntu, but . You also have the option of using it in WINE (via Play On WINE is easier).

Note that when installing through the AUR I had to use a different temporary folder as it wasn't large enough:

yaourt -S unity-editor --tmp /home/USERNAME/tmp

(need to find how to do this with pacaur)

I also did it on a drive I shared with Windows once (FAT32) but then I had to set a bunch of permissions after it was installed which was a bit annoying! You need quite a bit of free space to do all the downloading and building, maybe ~10GB+


Add-ons and things for adding more features to Unity.

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Export Options[edit]

More: Exporting in the guides section.

See Also[edit]

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