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Blender is mostly recognised as a free 3-D modeller (with an idiosyncratic interface), but it also functions as a game maker and video editor.


Bforartists is a fork of Blender aimed at remedying Blender's often complained about interface, making it more intuitive. It should be noted the the interface for Blender 2.8 has had a big overhaul, and is pretty neat now!

Level Design[edit]

  • Level Buddy is a pay-what-you-want CSG-based level modelling plugin.
  • Level Builder is a USD$20 plugin for composing levels from different blocks (you have to model the blocks).

Warnings / Workarounds[edit]

Blender and Godot[edit]

Godot doesn't get along so well with Blender's implementation of collada / .DAE files, but you can install the plug-in 'Godot Engine's "Better" Collada exporter for Blender' to get a better export.

I think for current versions of both programs you're better served by just export as GLTF2, see:

There's also a plug-in for exporting to Godot's native scene format:

Blender and Unity[edit]

Blender and Unity treat models a little differently: The forward direction is X in Blender and Z in Unity >:s

More info., and solutions in the guides section.

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