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Release date: 1991
Made by: Tim Sweeney
Runs on: DOS
Exports to: DOS

ZZT* is text-mode based game creation system. It had a sequel known as Super ZZT, which was markedly less successful because the editor was hidden behind a commandline argument. Megazeux would later become game's de facto successor. Over the years there have been other attempts at making ZZT clones, such as ZIG, Bang!, Plastic, and heaven knows what else, but none of them ever caught on.

*Named such so as to be at the bottom of alphabetical shareware lists. The name is not an abbreviation or acronym.


The best way to use ZZT is via DOSBox! You may also want to grab a DOSBox frontend like DBGL. The only other thing you need is ZZT itself, which you can grab from The Museum of ZZT.


  • ClassicZoo - Windows, PC-98, Amiga, browser.
  • TinyZoo - Game Boy Color, Analogue Pocket, more to come.

Example Games

See Also


Modding ZZT.

  • Weave 2
  • Wiki of Weavers - 'place to document the myriad of attempts at extending, modifying or succeeding ZZT made throughout the years'


Talks, interviews, reviews...

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