Hover Your Own Pixel

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Hover Your Own Pixel
Release date: 2022
Made by: Patrick Shaughnessy
Runs on: Browser
Exports to: n/a

Hover Your Own Pixel (HYOP) is a tool that takes specially formatted drawings (as PNG) and lets you fly round them, with 8-way movement and gravity a bit like a cave flyer. By adding special symbols (stamps) to your drawing you can create different game objects like recharging stations and enemies.


Rules for image creation are pretty straightforward:

  • Size between 144×108 and 8000×8000
  • Use #000000 or transparent to represent the area the player can move.
  • Use #FF00FF for the stamps, and don't use it elsewhere.
  • Save as PNG.

The image here is taken from HYOP's Itch page. I find it helpful to keep open, so I can just copy the stamp and paste them into my levels. You can also load it into the tool to see what all the different stamps do.

Example Games