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Construct Classic
Release date: 2013
Made by: Scirra
Runs on: Windows
Exports to: Windows

Scirra's Construct is somewhat like a freeware version of Clickteam's products with too much pixel shader stuff added, that most games you see will use far too much of. Before the program reached version 1 the not-free, HTML 5 focused Construct 2 was announced. Construct (1) has since been renamed Construct Classic, and development opened up to the community, whatever that means.

For people that don't quite click with GameMaker, it is a good alternative to the Clickteam software line, especially if you know enough C++ to make your own plug-ins. There is also some rudimentary 3D support.

Example Games

Useful Plug-ins and Add-ons

(out of date)

  • BulletML - By 'Luomo'
    • Kenta Cho's bullet pattern designing language, for Construct.
  • PC Speaker - By 'Dataflashsabot'
  • Dungeon/maze generator - By 'Luomo'
    • Random dungeon generator, based on Jamis Buck's DND-Dungeon.
  • RetroFlash - By Davioware
    • Easy sprite colour flashing.
  • IK Solver - By Chris Hackman
    • Great plug-in for making 'bones' easier to work with.
  • Command Line - By Chris Hackman
    • Another useful plug-in from Chris Hackmann (IK Solver). Allows access to arguments passed to a program on launch.
  • Orbiter Behaviour - By Chris Hackman
    • Takes the maths out of make one object orbit another.

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