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Sharing your games is as simplae as slicking the 'Share' button, and copying and pasting the link. But there are some other options availible if you would like to either host the game elsewhere (for example or your own website), or distribute it as an executable for playing offline.


To export a version of your world you need to:

  1. 'Share' your game, and copy the part of the URL after ?1=
  2. Visit this page: and paste the URL fragment into the 'Export form'.

This'll download you a .ZIP file containing everything you need to host your game online.

Exporting standalone

To export a version of your world you can share offline complete the steps in the 'Export' section of this page, then:

  1. Download Amulet and install it, making sure you check the 'include amulet in your path' option when you see it.
  2. ...

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